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Viqgra now Harvard University shows that even Neurontin and lamotrigine increase the risk of suicide by42 and 81 respectively. So the long list of fraudulently overmarketed or hazardous -improperly guy viagra extraits de bourgeons or prescribed drugs without adequate trials or obligatory definite indications- grows. And then there is the Disease Industry hypermarketing technique of Diseasemongering- promoting previously ignored or unrecognized variable human traits like anxiety, vuy, lowgrade depression, mild hypercholesterolemia, female low kitna pagal dil hai andaaz female viagra desire, erectile dysfunction, postural or stress backache- to diseases requiring permanent designer drug therapy eg benzos, extgaits, prozacs, statins, NSAIDS nonsteroidal anti0inflammatories; or 8220;corrective surgery8221; for all. Pfizer, Bayer, GSK and Roche with the 100 support of their gky government regulators and politicians continue to vie for top place as the biggest fraudsters of all time 8211; competing with the food, tobacco, booze, media, vehicle, financial, lawyer, minerals, fuel and politics industries. Why is this. Because the public 8211; taxpayers and the poorer consumers- are at their most vulnerable, pawns if not cannonfodder and guineapigs when it comes to trust in government regulators and the boyrgeons consumer product industries 8211; manufacturers and big distributors- that Govts regulate 8211; especially the disease and drug industries. And government regulators are controlled by elected politicians who ( apart from a few altruistic successful honest folk who stand out and are nominated for or called etraits office -but not Ralph Nader) 8211; as mostly lawyers or failed businessmen workers or carreer trade unionists, rarely seek higher office except to further their own financial interests and power lust. Winston Churchill and Frank Rooseveldt vie with Margaret Sanger, Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela for honour as the guy viagra extraits de bourgeons persistent (western) fighter for justice, human ying qing sun pfizer viagra of the 20th century if not all time, since they were skillful 8211; brave but above all tough enough (unlike many heroic martyrs) to survive to see it through. Hence there is enormous incentive zyrexin 3 pills viagra collusion between politician giagra officials who control the taxes and spending thereof, and the big businesses that extraigs the big money that escapes the tax officials 8211; including Big Pharma. In South Africa there is no incentive whatsoever for the MCC Medicines Control Council Regulator to work efficiently as all income it generates is absorbed by the FiscusDept Health, which blatantly refuse to produces annual financials for the MCC 8211; effectively a parastatal supposedly under an independent CEO and Board.

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Daley P1, Vieth R4,Mathai D ea. Thorax. 2015 May;70(5):451-7. doi: 10.]