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Seven got a boost from Better Homes and Gardens on Friday but Nine got a longer boost, at least in Ora hotel villa idria viagrande and Brisbane, from the rugby league on Saturday vilpa tables below) What Australia watched, Saturday. 1 NINE NEWS SATURDAY Nine 1,182,000 259,000 409,000 262,000 136,000 116,000. 2 SEVEN NEWS SATURDAY Seven 1,143,000 306,000 263,000 213,000 145,000 216,000. 3 BEST AND WORST OF RED FACES Seven 1,076,000 276,000 358,000 169,000 123,000 151,000. 4 ABC NEWS SATURDAY ABC 1,063,000 301,000 329,000 170,000 119,000 144,000.

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Looking at this data it seems safe to say that caffeine has no effect on the bones, especially in moderation. If a kid wants to have a cup of coffee or two, let them, itâs not affecting their growth. We believe that the only reason that myth came about was because of the connections to osteoporosis. With various new findings showing that caffeine(especially in moderation) canât be proven to be linked to osteoporosis, there is absolutely no reason to even think caffeine stunts growth. So I guess my coffee drinking habitats as a teenager had nothing to do with my height after all. Looks like Iâm going to have to keep on sipping.

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